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Anubias barteri Nana / Full Pot P082

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Genus: Anubias

Family: Araceae

Origin: Africa

Height: 5-15cm

Width: > 6cm

Light: Moderate

Temp: 20-30⁰C

Ph: 5.5-9.0

Difficulty: Easy

Growth: Slow


Anubias barteri, also known as Anubius or Anubias barteri, is a hardy plant that has lush green arrow shaped foliage. This rosette plant may reach up to 16 inches in width and has thick, creeping rhizomes. This variety of Anubias barteri is an amphibious form that will survive either totally or partially submersed.

When planting the aquatic plant, take special care of the rhizome and the roots. A quality substrate fertilizer is necessary, and CO2 fertilization is also recommended. In order to keep these plants small, simply trim back the leaves near the rhizome with a sharp pair of scissors.


The cutting of this plant is a full pot.

Please see Anubias barteri Nana/Single Pot for smaller quantity.