"This site sells to Aquadepot approved pet and aquarium retail stores only we do not sell to the general public, please check our Retailers link for a store near you."

AquaPlant Culture offers a wide selection of varieties and can be ordered by specific variety or Ezy order 48 pots (9 asst varieties) delivered door to door overnight across Australia.

We also offer order by species this way you can stock your customers favorites plants we offer free freight on orders over certain value

Rockwool is used as potting material. It's light and easy to handle, and protects the root system unlike bunched plants with either no roots or exposed roots. The pots used are square black tube which makes for an attractive display especially when our Ezy stack tray system is used.

KEY advantages to AquaPlant Culture:

  • Ezy order of 48 pots per carton for quick easy ordering.
  • Low unit cost per pot delivered to the store inclusive of freight and GST.
  • Overnight delivery to the door from grower to store in 24 hours if orders are received by 3pm EST.
  • 9 varieties of plant per carton.
  • Intelligent (nursery-grade rockwool as potting material) no gravel to spill,
  • potting is attractive for presentation.
  • Solid black square pots for easy neat retail shop display, the black pots give high colour contrasts to the plants.
  • 100% refund or replacement delivery guarantee of damaged or defective plants.
  • Option to not supply specific plant variety in mix if store requires.
  • All plants have a root system.