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Anubias barteri Nana / Broad Leaf P088

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Please note this plant is seasonal and not available all year.

Anubias barteri / Broad Leaf

Genus: Anubias

Family: Araceae

Origin: Africa

Height: 25-50 cm

Width: 15-20 cm

Light: Low – High

Temp: 20-30⁰C

Ph: 5.5-9.0

Difficulty: Easy

Growth: Slow

Anubias barteri var. 'broad leaf' is one of the best aquarium plants ever! It is very strong and undemanding. It can handle very low light, low nutrition and low CO2 making it the perfect plant for a beginner. Anubias barteri var. 'broadleaf' is a slow growing plant but gets rather large after time. In the hands of an experienced hobbyist it grows faster and lusher and becomes very decorative.  Anubias barteri also works very well in planted cichlid tanks.