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Anubias Hastifolia P090

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Anubias plants will take root on rough rocks or driftwood, which is the best way to encourage growth because the species grows much better when light hits its rhizome (root system). Anubias hastifolia will grow an extensive root system into your substrate, but burying the rhizome in the substrate should be avoided as it will drastically slow growth.

Although Anubias hastifolia has medium light requirements, it should be planted in shade or low light to restrict algae growth on the leaves. This is a great species for a tank with Herbivorous fish and/or Cichlids as most fish tend to leave this tough plant alone.

Anubias hastifolia is very adaptable to a wide range of water hardness, pH, and lighting conditions. They have medium light requirements, but will need regular fertilization with a high quality, iron-based supplement for optimal growth. Propagation is relatively easy and is done by cutting the plant at the root with very sharp, sterilized scissors.