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Breen Brighty STEP 3 5000ml

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For efficient fertilization of nutrient elements which your plants require at each stage of their growth.

For healthy growth of aquatic plants, a balanced supply of trace elements such as Iron, Boron or Molybdenum is necessary in the water.

Furthermore, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium which are often called the three major nutrients for plants, are also often found lacking in the aquarium. ADA adopted the STEP fertilization system which corresponds to each stage of growth, or growth Step of your aquatic plants. The Green Brighty STEP Series, enables efficient supplement of nutrient elements to meet the requirements of all your aquatic plants which change in time.

Green Brighty STEP 3

An aquarium older than one year often has a hardened substrate which prevents development of roots and eventually impedes the growth of aquatic plants in general. Green Brighty STEP 3, formulated with Iron and Potassium, helps photosynthesis and improves the conditions of the aquatic plants which are often obstructed by an hardened substrate.