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Crypt beckettii / Single Plant P070A

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Crypt becketti / Single Plant


Genus: Cryptocoryne

Family: Araceae

Origin: Sri Lanka

Height: 10-25cm

Width: 10-25cm

Light: Low – High

Temp: 20-30⁰C

Ph: 5.5-8.0

Difficulty: Easy

Growth: Slow

Cryptocoryne beckettii has been a highly valued aquarium plant for more than 60 years due to its unique reddish-brown leaves and small size. It is not demanding and prefers shade over light. It also does well with a normal substrate although a nutritious base promotes growth. It is used mostly to break the green of a typical aquarium and provides contrast in an aquascape.

The cutting of this plant is singular.

Please see Crypt becketti / Full Pot for larger quantity.