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GHL Mitras Lightbar 2 40 Actinic (PL-1286) (REC RETAIL $314.87)

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The Mitras Lightbar is Made in Germany and offers:

  • Homogeneous, brilliant and very bright light through a balanced mix of selected high-power LEDs in natural colors (CRI> 95, white LEDs 150 lm/W)
  • Maximal output power with GHL Power Balancing Technology®
  • Super smooth dimming with GHL Perfect Dimming Techology®
  • Uniformly wide light distribution with a LED beam angle of 120°
  • Energy efficiency and long life through a sophisticated thermal management (at least 60,000 operating hours)
  • If controlled by the ProfiLux Aquarium Controller: Professional light dimming, individual mix of the color spectrum and water temperature-dependent downward control (light is dimmed if water gets too warm).
  • Full undimmed Lightpower when operated without ProfiLux (all LEDs light up to 100%)
  • Energy saving compared with traditional lighting aprox. 50%
  • Operation with safe voltage (24V)

Suitable Light Spectrums for Specific Applications

For an optimal lighting result, we offer four different types with different LED combinations to choose from:

  • Mitras LB Daylight (Freshwater with many plants)
  • Mitras LB Ocean Blue (Freshwater and Salt Water)
  • Mitras LB Actinic (Saltwater upper to medium reef)
  • Mitras LB Deep Actinic (Saltwater medium to deep reef)

They differ in terms of the average color temperature and are tailored to the specific application.
If operated with the ProfiLux Aquarium Controller the offered selection of several LED colors gives the opportunity to adjust the light color via GCC within far bounces. However the Luminaires should be chosen in a way that the average light color matches as good as possible. The higher the light temperature is, the more bluish the light appears.

How Many Mitras Lightbar do I need for my Aquarium?

Select Mitras Lightbar depending on the aquarium volume.
Rule of thumb:

  • low light requirement: 0.3 watts per liter
  • very high light requirements: 0.9 watts per liter

Often, a recommendation “lumens per liter” is given. In our opinion this makes only sense for Mitras Daylight. For luminaires with high blue light component (Ocean Blue, Actinic, Deep Actinic), the lumen specifications are rather misleading (see explanation above Lumen, LUX and PAR).

Avaliable Mitras Lightbar lengths

MODEL 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160
Recom. for tank length [cm] 39-50 49-60 59-70 69-80 79-90 89-100 99-110 109-120 119-130 129-140 139-150 149-160 159-170
Max. power draw undimmed [W] 23,5 30,0 36,5 43,0 50,0 56,5 63,0 70,0 77,0 84,0 90,5 98,5 105,5

Mounting in the tank

With the supplied stainless steel brackets, Mitras Lightbar 2 can be conveniently mounted above every tank.

If there is not enough space in the tank, a flat bracket is also available.



Operation Modes

Mitras Lightbar can be operated undimmed and dimmed.
If operated undimmed all LEDs will burn at 100%. There is no control needed. Activation and deactivation can be made through a simple timer.
Another option, however, is to dimm and operate the Lightbar with a ProfiLux Controller (starting version 3). All color channels can thus be dimmed independently. So all of the ProfiLux Controllers simulation programs such as sunrise and sunset, cloud simulation, thunderstorms or calendrical moon phase simulation are possible.


Depending on the configuration (see the following illustrations), you will need additional accessories to operate the Lightbar:

  • Matching Power supply
  • Mitras-LB-Splitter
  • Mitras-Lightbar-ProfiLux ActiveSplitter
  • Cable to ProfiLux (P3: Mitras-Lightbar-Cable-D-SUB; P4/Mini/Light: Mitras-Lightbar-Cable-RJ45)

You can find all this in our Lightbar accessories section.

It is important that the power supply you select has at least the power of the connected Lightbar.

If several Lightbars are operated together, the power supply unit must have at least the total power of all connected Lightbars.

If you want to operate up to 4 Lightbars together, you will also need a Mitras Lightbar Splitter.

If more than 4 Lightbars (up to 16) shall be operated together, you will additionally need a Mitras Lightbar-ActiveSplitter as well as corresponding Mitras-Lightbar-RJ45-Cables, to connect to the Mitras-Lightbar-ActiveSplitter.