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GHL Mitras Simu-Stick 95 (PL-0981) (REC RETAIL $181.06)

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Enables stunning light effects in the aquarium or terrarium and complements the main lighting optimally.
Due to the 4 separately dimmable light colors (neutral white, red, green and blue), you can create different lighting scenarios in your aquarium:

  • Moonlight
  • Sunset and Sunrise
  • Thunderstorm / Lightning

For light dimming and simulations, a suitable control unit (optionally a ProfiLux Controller or ManuDimm) is required.
You can operate the luminaire with or without controller (ProfiLux or ManuDimm).

Without control unit no dimming or simulation is possible. The LED light will illuminate at 100% and can only be switched on or off.

The Mitras–Simu stick should only be used as a supplement to the main lighting of your aquarium or terrarium.

The luminaire may only be installed and operated above the water surface!