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GHL Mitras Slimline Splitter RJ45 dimmable (PL-1613) ( REC RETAIL $68.86 )

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With the dimmable splitter, 2 Mitras Slimline and 1 Mitras RGB (available soon) can be connected to 1 power adapter. The dimmable splitter has a digital connection port where it is connected to a Profilux with a special cable for controlling the lighting.
Mitras Slimline Splitter RS232, dimmable is suitable for the Profilux 3.

Multiple Mitras Slimline Splitter can be dimmable connected to each other if more than 2 Mitras Slimline must be connected, even if the 80 W supply is not sufficient for 2 lamps, it can still be connected via an additional splitter. Each splitter then needs its own power adapter.

A maximum of 8 splitters can be connected one after the other and with that a maximum of 16 Mitras Slimline and 8 Mitras RGB can be connected.