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GHL VorTech-Controller (PL-0757) (REC RETAIL $334.55)

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With our VorTech-Controller, ProfiLux 3 and 4 Controllers are able to independently operate up to 11 radio controlled VorTech® current pumps from EcoTech Marine®. The VorTech Controller is connected via PAB (ProfiLux Aquatic Bus, ProfiLux 3 only) and requires no additional power supply.

Function Overview

  • Supports all VorTech operating modes
  • Constant Speed
  • Lagoon Random Mode
  • Reef-Crest Random Mode
  • Short Pulse Mode
  • Long Pulse Mode
  • Feed Modes
  • Battery Backup-Modes

Moreover, the following modes are supported for EcoSmart pumps

  • Tidal Swell Mode (EcoSMART TSM)
  • Nutrient Transport Mode (EcoSMART NTM)

Additional Features

  • 11 independent channels for 11 VorTech pumps.
  • In addition to the VorTech modes, all built-in wave functions of the ProfiLux can also be used.
  • Possible future firmware-updates of pumps and VorTech-Controller for further enhancements .
  • The VorTech controller is automatically detected.
  • Pump assignments can be changed.
  • The operational mode can be varied through the day. Define up to 12 time intervals where different settings are active.
  • 2 PAB-ports for a flexible bus wiring.
  • 4 Indicator LEDs for PAB- and Pump-States.
  • No extra power supply needed (Bus-powered).
* PAB cable NOT included