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Hygrophila salicifolia EMERSED/BUNCH Willow Leaf

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For Wholesale pricing please click on login

This product is supplied as emersed grown with six loose stems or single clump.

No pot supplied. 

This is a very undemanding plant which makes a great backdrop to the tank. It can be pruned easily with no effects to the plant and if placed in an open top aquarium it will rise above the water surface. In some countries this is classed as an invasive plant due its fast growth rate so always dispose of unwanted cuttings carefully. If this plant is allowed to grow above the water surface it will produce purple flowers but when this happens it tends to lose a lot of its bottom foliage which defeats the object of having a foliage plant in the aquarium. As with most plants of this species, they have the added bonus of absorbing nitrates from the water column along with other excess nutrients, this also provides the added bonus of controlling algae outbreaks in the aquarium.) (Rec Retail $7.50)