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K Balance Strong 250ml

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Potassium is a major element in sea water like Calcium, and is concentrated with Ca. at 390mg/L. K-Balance contains multiple potassium salts in high concentration. Our tests in several tanks have shown the benefits in color and growth after dosing a few days.

Low potassium levels have following characteristics:
Montipora stop growing, colors are dull to grey, good coloration without potassium is not possible. Poccilopora and Stylopora with low potassium levels look like they have been out of the water in the air, polyps are retracted and color is light without depth and washed-out looking. Blue Acropora are also appear washed-out. Seriatopora can show complete tissue necrosis within a few days. Turbinaria Reniformis stops growing.

1ml per 25 gallons per day. Do not increase dosage given on the label. Product is highly concentrated.