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Kamoer Wi Fi Auto Water Change KM-X2S-WC (Rec Retail $654.00)

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For Wholesale pricing please click on login

X2S is a two-channel WIFI water transfer pump, through mobile phone app control, users can use X2S to their own sea or fresh water tank for timed quantitative automatic water exchange, through the optional submersible pump, can also complete the function of automatic rehydration, X2S is equipped with anti-spill sensor, when the water level reaches the anti-spill sensor, An overflow alarm is triggered and the pump stops working.


The X2S is equipped with two stepper titration pumps for continuous long-term use.

Feature Highlights


    Transfer pumps with stepper motors for longer life and more accurate operation

    Less water-changing connection lines, simple use

    Support sedation of additional evaporative water

    Pharmed BPT imported pump tube with standard, long life, heat, acid and alkali resistance, ozone and UV rays, anti-aging and oxidation

    Up to 12 water change plans can be set up in a day to support 1-99 days of cycle water change

    Support for flow calibration

    Includes real-time clock, runs automatically according to setting parameters, and does not lose power-down parameters

    Support for iOS and Android devices to control titration pumps via WIFI, and app upgrade titration pump firmware




    Seawater Tank

        Includes hard-bone corals (SPS), soft corals (LPS), and mixed corals (SPS/LPS).


        Freshwater fish tank, planted tank

    Other occasions where water is needed.