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ADA Music Counter (Bubble counter) DoAqua

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CO2 Music Counter is a glass CO2 counter that allows you to measure the amount of injected CO2 by counting CO2 bubbles. Its simple design adds a delightful look to an aquarium. Please use with glass CO2 diffuser CO2 Music Glass (sold separately.)

  • – Install the upper and lower suction cups (small) on CO2 Music Counter before connecting silicone tubing to the counter and filling it with water. The counter can be filled with water easily by submerging it in water. Connect the lower tube on the filled CO2 Music Counter with the provided check valve using a short section of silicone tube (3 to 4 cm).
  • – Verify the flow direction of the check valve before connecting.
  • – Replenish the water when the level in the counter is low.